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Customer Testimonials

The reliability of the Magnolia team meant that not only was the product superior to most domestic resources, but the entire package arrived on-time and complete with overwhelming success. Whether working in small quantity orders, drawing from the existing warehouse product lines or designing an entirely custom catalogue Magnolia was able to get quality product to our job better than any other vendor I have worked with!

- Jake Somsel

Associate Director of Project Development, Recource Residential

What a great job Avy, Ryan and your team are doing. Avy is very prompt and accurate and a pleasure to work with. Magnolia has been everything you promised us!

- Monty Aviles
Project Manager

My experiences with Magnolia have been outstanding. The people I deal with (all) have always been helpful in getting my orders processed and always shipped out pronto. The products are of good quality with no issues the 1.5 years I have been using them.

- Mike Verive

Capital Projects Manager

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